All God's Creatures - Petting Zoo
*We visited you guys at the Allen Parish Fair today. We really enjoyed it. So glad to learn about you guys!!
Bonita M.
*My kids had so much fun seeing all the animals and riding the ponies! I think i had just as much fun! The animals were so beautiful and sweet and well taken care of!
Rebekah E.
*We had the BEST time with your animals at our party this past weekend. Your staff was SUPER
friendly and helpful. Thanks for all of the hard work :)
Holly F, Moss Bluff, LA
*Thank you so much for having this petting zoo!!! We had you guys for our Grandson's third birthday party, and he and all of the children absolutely loved it! We had children coming up to us when they were leaving thanking us for the experience, telling us "we've never been able to be with animals like that, and we will never forget it. Thank you so much"!!! Most children would not have the opportunity to experience animals (from the wallaby, turtles, snake, goats, rabbits, ducks, lizards, etc.) on ever let along being able to actually hold and touch them! It was totally amazing!!! I recommend you guys to everyone! It will truly be an experience that all - young and old - will enjoy! Again, thank you all so much for having this type of event available for parties and events!!! Our hats are off to you!!! Our Grandson and everyone who was there are still talking about it!
One more thing that I forgot to mention in my last message. Thank God for people like you who have rescued so many animals and made a happy, fun life for them! Again, our hats are off to you all!!!
Sue M, Westlake, LA 
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